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Project: BTA Tennis Coaching



BTA Tennis Coaching is a unique coaching programme providing group and one on one tennis coaching throughout Hertfordshire. Coaching sessions are for all ages and abilities and camps are run during school holidays.


Brief and requirements:

Design a new website and a number of flyers, posters and forms (as and when required).

Must be designed within the corporate branding guidelines to include the existing BTA Coaching logo* and ‘orange and black’ colour scheme.

The website should have a strong contemporary look and a parred down design with the fewest number of pages possible whilst still showcasing all the services provided by the company.

Easy navigation and usability are a priority, as is being optimised to work on a mobile and tablet.

Include quick links to the companies social sites and online shop.

*BTA logo designed by third party


Website Solution:

BTA Tennis Coaching is a fun and friendly company and they are proud of the rapport they have with their customers.

Corporate colours and their logo are used throughout the website to ensure continuity of brand identity.

As with all Nik Designs websites, the BTA Tennis Coaching website is designed to create a seamless user experience and SEO.


Graphic Design solutions:

Numerous promotional posters, flyers and forms for holiday camps, after school clubs and group coaching sessions.

If you’re interested in having a new website or require a logo or artwork for your business, please give me a call on 07971 575907 or drop me an email.

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