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Project: Casey Mac



Casey Mac specialises in biodegradable cases and glass screen protectors for iPhones.

Brief and requirements:

Design a logo and website for the brand name 'Casey Mac'.

The logo should be fun, modern and mostly text rather than a pictorial image.

The website should be colourful and bright with a modern feel and also highlight the products green and environmentally friendly credentials.


Logo Solution:

A modern 'techy' typeface was used which was overlaid to create a stylised image of an animal - maybe a giraffe or llama! Two dots were added for eyes!! This was to fulfill the clients requirement for a fun and modern logo design.

The 'animal' symbol was then used as a logo in it's own right and further developed into another logo and text added to use on packaging.

Website Solution:

Blocks of colour were used to design a website that is colourful and user friendly. 

Each variation of the logo was used to add continuity of the brand throughout the website.

Typically, green is used to signify the natural environment. However green has been used as a colour block in this website design but rather than a 'natural' shade, a bright almost fluorescent green colour was used.

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