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Project: Deborah Kingsbury Sports Massage & Remedial Therapy 



Deborah Kingsbury Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy, run by Deborah Kingsbury, is based in Broxbourne and Nazeing, Hertfordshire. 

Deborah offers bespoke massage treatments for anyone wanting to benefit from massage therapy. 

Brief and requirements:

Deborah required a logo and website for her new business.

She wanted the design for both of these to give a clear message of her company ethos "Pain Free and Performing Better" and "Preventing Injury".

Images and content of the website should cover a broad range of treatments offered by her company.

For the logo, she wanted something crisp, fluid, uncluttered and contemporary. Her preferred colour palette - bright colours or subtle tones of these colours or earth tone.

Therefore, quite a broad range of options!


Logo: I drew three figures to show a client kneeling, upright and running - to demonstrate lack of movement before treatment, then progress through treatment and finally back to pain free movement following sports therapy and recovery from injury. An image of vertebrae balances the design with a classic serif font for the owners name and a more contemporary sans serif font for the company name.

I chose tones of primary colours for the images of the main logo which gives a bright on trend colour palette. I also provided the client with two more colour combinations so that these can be used on different marketing material - giving the flexibility to use the most appropriate colours to target different audiences.

Website: The website design has core elements using the colours of the logo; important text and headers in a strong blue, buttons in fuchsia and grey to provide a strong background to make the logo and all the important contact information stand out and easy to view. The logo is shown in monochrome throughout the website to give continuity of the brand on all pages. Images reflect 'sports' and 'movement' - enforcing the companies ethos.

An online booking system is embedded in the website with access to bookings through an app so that client management can be done anyway 24/7 without the need of a desktop computer.

As with all Nik Designs websites, the DK Therapies website is designed to create a seamless user experience and SEO.

If you’re interested in having a new website or require a logo or artwork for your business, please give me a call on 07971 575907 or drop me an email.

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