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Project: Bird Box Pottery



Bird Box Pottery is a ceramic design company based in Hertford. Established in 2011, Bird Box Pottery creates hand built stoneware decorative pots and utility ware. Work is sold in galleries and gift shops throughout Hertfordshire.


Brief and requirements:

Design a website and logo for the newly established company. 

The website will be mainly photographs of the ceramics and should include a gallery to showcase this.

Colours should be simple and minimal to ensure the star of the show is the ceramic design and not lost in a busy website.



An image of the surface of a 'Cornish Pot' was used on the homepage header to add a splash of colour. Other than the blue header and footer, the design was kept monotone to compliment the colourful glazes found on the ceramics and make sure the work stands out and doesn’t clash with any background.

Thumbnail gallery pages have been used which can be easily added to when new work has been produced. A biography page was included to give it a more personal feel and put a face to the maker.

The logo was developed using the 3 letters of Bird Box Pottery - BBP. When put on top of each other they form a line and 3 circles. This was then developed into the logo you see here. The logo has been kept black to continue the monotone colour scheme.

As with all Nik Designs websites, the Bird Box Pottery website is designed to create a seamless user experience and SEO.

If you’re interested in having a new website or require a logo or artwork for your business, please give me a call on 07971 575907 or drop me an email.

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