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Project: Belles & Shears



Belles & Shears is a hair salon based in Hertford. It provides a number of services for hair and beauty treatments and has a longstanding loyal customer base. 


Brief and requirements:

Design a new website to replace an old and tired website which was poorly designed and didn’t reflect the style of the business. Additionally, design a new logo which should be simple, decorative and classy.

Incorporate two design elements: a butterfly pattern which is found on the salon’s printed wallpaper and a pastel drawing a client drew of the exterior of the salon. 

Must incorporate the beauty part of the business with it’s own colour scheme to differentiate it from the core business of the hair salon. No other specific requirements.



Belles & Shears didn’t have any specific colours they wanted to be used and gave me free rein to start developing this and begin to build a brand identity. However, I still wanted to have a clear connection to their company image so I used the exterior colour of the salon, which is a bold yellow/orange colour, throughout the website.

An image of the butterfly wallpaper was taken and turned into greyscale and used as the background. The butterfly theme also follows through on the logo.

The beauty salon ‘Beauty at Belles & Shears by Yvonne’ is easily identified by using red elements on the three pages required for this. This gives a clear visual message that this is a different part of the business (not hairdressing) but still has the link to the main company brand.

The drawing of the salon has been included in the contact and find us section.

As with all Nik Designs websites, the Belles & Shears website is designed to create a seamless user experience and SEO.

If you’re interested in having a new website or require a logo or artwork for your business, please give me a call on 07971 575907 or drop me an email.

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